Hi guys!

Miss A is back; sorry she was gone so long. But last week has been especially hectic.

Monday marked the start of my PR internship at a social marketing company and then BOOM work and distractions continued to pile up. At one point I was carrying so much I think I could hardly look at my toes. But alright. If we were being honest here, I would say I disappeared because of 20% work and 80% distractions.

Lately I’ve been on my toes because of a particular person… and exploring my emotions because I guess that’s what you do as a teenager. Guess and Check.

Searching for my identity reminded me of a poem I wrote during my good old underclassman days when I was just another perky, quirky 16 year old. And I thought it would be great if I shared a little slice of my past since I haven’t written much lately. 😦 The poem I’m about to share was actually done for a Creative Writing class but it was one of my writings that I dwelled on alot during the brainstorm stage, because I tried so hard to put all my emotions and expressions into scribbles on a page, even more so because I had to step out of my shoes and look at myself from a third person point of view. But  this poem makes me smile a little sometimes when I think of my old self and how much of a ball of sunshine I used to be.

All these things

I am

A word, phrase, and quote from my favorite movie I’ve seen countless times

A stranger sitting on a subway seat, watching as people carry their instruments and burdens

Stale, crumbly ciabatta and the redolence of yesterday’s blue cheese and cherry tomatoes waiting to be indulged in the fridge

Black fibers unraveling and stray ends on a new, white polyester sweater in my closet

I am

Coffee splotches on the yellowish, dog- eared pages strung together with a thin string in my favorite book

Words tangling in throat, tongue knotting in mouth, heart thrashing in chest when my eyes meet yours

Dark circles, blood-shot eyes, half-hearted smile and all chaos in the early morning

Balled-up blank sheets, yanked-out chunks of hair and close-knit eyebrows in the late evening

I am

Neon pink earplugs and fidgety eyes, staring vacantly out the window in the car ride

Steady beads of perspiration and a synchrony of footsteps and pants on an empty street at the break of dawn

Quiet crinkly eyes, dimpled smile, and wrinkled nose around my friends

20 seconds of insane courage when adrenaline course through my veins

Random splutters of snorts in reminiscence of the good times in the past

I am

Unexpected flamboyant flamingos, sudden streaks of red and orange and swollen  swarms of butterflies

The smudges of color outside the intended lines

The breathing, living journal of yesterday

The verve of here and now.

On that positive note, make the best out of the rest of your week guys! Remember to stop in your tracks once in a while and open your eyes a little bigger and your heart a little wider. Let everything that coming in through your 5 senses swallow you up and let it be part of you even for just a second. It has always made finding myself and my place in this world a little easier.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.59.44 PM


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