Juice it up!

Hello Lovelies x

I’ve always stayed too long on the unhealthy side before I crossed over, back to where I should be. But this week has sort of been a breakthrough for me. In the midst of my hypnotic-like Singaporean food craze since I’ve returned home, I finally decided to kickstart my healthy diet (sort of) with Juice Junkie!

Nestled in the serene, modern streets of Duxton Road, Juice Junkie is a humble gem waiting to be discovered by fitspos and fellow Singaporeans craving for a healthy refreshment or dessert.

From organic, cold pressed juices, summer perfect acai bowls to prettily packaged raw nut clusters- the store has it all. What pushed me deeper into obsession was the décor! Generously furnished with wooden and white accents and an entire wall constructed of shelves stocked with Figi water bottles, elegant greens, fruit and neatly stacked books, the store emanated clean, modern, lush vibes. It also smelt so good I just wanted to melt in there. My only complaints if inquired though were the little interaction the staff initiated with customers and the lack of seats! The latter was a little disappointing because I had this vision of snuggling up in a seat and enjoying my treat. : (

My treat of the day was an acai bowl; it consisted of blueberries, strawberries and bananas complete with 3 toppings: protein powder, acai and chia seeds. It was screamingly delicious. It was so pretty I felt bad digging my spoon into it. It was slightly expensive though; I guess the price wasn’t as pretty… but I would still give it  a silver medal!


Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.59.44 PM


DIY Burger Paradise

Hello darlings, happy first day of August! I’m hyper right now because I finally have scribbles on my calendar- yes this girl has a potential internship at Zalora and lunch/dinner dates with her mates. Cheers to having a social life haha.

Anyways, I wanted to share a fantastic place for BURGERS. If you knew me, you would scoff at the fact I just blurted out that word because I am usually more health conscious. But even I couldn’t stay away from The Burger Bar- the brainchild of Fatboy’s. Though its flagship store is along Upper Thomson Road, Fatboy’s has multiplied all over in Singapore and even in foreign territory Malaysia and China. The store I visited was hidden in the basement of Marina Square, garnering its own halo with its innovative design.

Adorned with retro, black and white checkered floor, bistro styled seats and totally rad display order screens this place is perfect for a casual chat with a friend and date! It emanates a lovely and fun vibe with its burger and bubble letters tattooed walls. True to its core “A re-think of burgers”, the store also allows customers to fully DIY their burgers. From sesame buns to chicken patties and dressing, the choice is yours. You can even add an ice cream sandwich or a serving of bacon cheese fries to your set.

Burgers aficionados, this is your paradise.

Stay Hungry and Beautiful,

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.59.44 PM