About me.

I’ve always been a mess of contradictions. I like coffee but I don’t like milk, I hate it when people continuously make reference to my very close relationship to the ground but I do like the way the syllables cling when someone calls me her/his “shortie.” I get into verbal duels sometimes when my blood boils and yet people still label me as a “Type B”. But I guess that’s how we balance ourselves out with our constant change of mind and insanity.

But getting down to business, here are 5 facts about me.

  1. Little Miss A is really little but not like your average oh-I’m-five-foot-two-short. I am about as tall as… I guess your average middle schooler.
  2. My friends often describe me as bubbly and optimistic.
  3. I am a writer,  philosopher (at least I think so), starbucks addict,  Scott Schuman Fan, chocophile, bibliophile and hardcore instagrammer.
  4. I really hate carbonated drinks ex. coke and fruit juice that are packed in bulky cartons.
  5. I am a TCK. When I was 10, I moved from Singapore to Beijing. After a short year there (in which I managed to get a Beijing Chinese accent), I moved to Shanghai and stayed there for 8 years. This year, I am heading off to another adventure in Los Angeles.

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